‘Rendezvous With Mentors’ townhall 1 with Mr. Dinesh Gupta

Dr. Vikas Dhawan, Pro Vice-chancellor, motivated the entrepreneurs with the zeal to think in the spirit of community innovations.

The spirit of entrepreneurship comes from within, with these words, Dr. Vikas Dhawan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, introduced the guest and the startups enthusiastically. His introduction tinkered with certain examples of how not to fail as an entrepreneur.     

With a quote by Neil Armstrong, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” the esteemed mentor Mr. Dinesh Gupta, Executive Director of Bry Air inspired the entrepreneurs to start small, and the power of starting small. He envisioned the entrepreneurs and asked them to focus on three important aspects, which are 'skill', 'creativity', and 'motivation'.

The entrepreneurs gained an important mantra while interacting with Mr. Dinesh Gupta: ' creativity', 'skill', and 'motivation'

Entrepreneurs interacted and got the utmost feedback for their endeavors. 

Getting feedback from an expert is always helpful, as you get to know the insights and a direction to walk on. Mr. Dinesh through his charm and intellect advised various startups. His energy motivated everyone to think differently.   

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